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The First Doctor

Season 1 episodes

   Code   Title                    
    A      An Unearthly Child      [Read Novel]   [Covers] 
    B      The Dustbins                           [Covers]
    C      The Hedge of Destruction    
    D      Michael Palin                          [Covers]       
    E      The Pleas of Fairness      
    F      The Lab Techs                          [Covers]       
    G      The Serves You Right            
    H      The Reign of Error  

Season 2 episodes

   Code   Title                    
    J     Plan It You Spy Ants!         
    K     Dustbin Vacation on Earth       [Covers]  
    L     The Recast                      [Covers]
    M     The Woman                
    N     The Weird Planet            
    P     The Cruel Sades *               [Covers]
    Q     The Spam Museum                 [Covers]
    R     The Chaste                 
    S     The Wine Peddler          

Season 3 episodes

   Code   Title                    
    T     Galaxy Fun                  [Covers]     [Japanese]
    T/A   Pissin' on the Unknown        
    U     The Piss Takers           
    V     The Dustbins' Nasty Plan      
    W     The Mascara               
    X     The Lark                    
    Y     The Sexual Toymaker         [Covers]
    Z     The Gin Fighters            [Covers]
    AA    The Cabbages               
    BB    The Wank Machines          

Season 4 episodes AND Cushing Films

   Code   Title                    
    CC    The Snugglers             
    DD    The Tense Planet     [Covers]     

Film Doctor Who - Peter Cushing
   Code   Title                    
    F1    Dr. Who And The Dustbins             
    F2    Dustbins: Vacation On Earth 2150AD

The presence of a "*" next to a story title indicates that it is illustrated or includes images.