If anyone would like to help me by making covers for stories from my Programme Guide, I would be more than happy to talk and work with you. Approach me about any cover or art work or designs or ideas that you may have dealing directly, or indirectly, with the "Alternative Programme Guide."

It is a HUGE task to write each episode synopsis in order, and I want it to be exciting for myself and other fans. So, anything that may give a new slant or visual perspective to the project is greatly appreciated.

No doubt, at some point, I will NEED to have a COVER for the "Alternative Programme Guide." ITSELF! So, I am very interested in entertaining ideas and looking at designs for it. Most of all, I want to keep this project fun and be open for people to contribute their talents and ideas.

So if You've got any Groovy Ideas, PLEASE SHARE THEM!

Thank You,
Charles Daniels