1st Doctor Covers

            "So you think just because you've lighted me on fire
             I'm going to stop my quest to continue my quest to stop
             you lighting me on fire, do you?"
                      - 1st Doctor, "The Cruel Sades" 

Unruly Child - Nathan Skreslet Unruly Child - Chris Rednour Dustbins - Nathan Skreslet Michael Palin - Rob White The Labtechs - Matt Marshall The Dustbin Vacation on Earth - Nathan Skreslet The Recast - Andrew Hobbs The Recast - Andrew Hobbs

The Cruel Sades - Chris Rednour The Spam Museum - Matt Marshall Galaxy Public Bath - Chris Rednour The Sexual Toymaker - Chris Rednour The Gin Fighters - Wraith The Tense Planet - Michael Ellis (with thanks to Rob White)

A Drabble By: Susannah Tiller

"The Daleks have just reached the medical bay," Ian announced as he ran in.

Barbara appeared from another corridor. "They've got through to the main control center."

Susan and Witold, the rebel leader, ran up. "Communications are down," Witold said.

"Everybody, get ready to go down fighting."

"Grandfather, there must be something we can do!"

"Do?" the Doctor chuckled. "Of course there's something we can do, hmm. Yes, my child, the answer is obvious. Obvious, hmm. Childishly simple, one might say. Yes, indeed..." He was still talking to himself when the first of the Dalek bombs exploded, killing them all.